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גלריה סיגל מלינגר
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About - Sigal Melinger

Sigal Mellinger
Painting for the living room, urban series

Sigal Melinger is a self-taught artist. Siegel's paintings are taken from the everyday life of another, more colorful, optimistic place. Sigal draws her inspiration from familiar places and situations when she gives them life through eye-pleasing colors and creating an almost "floating" atmosphere that gives every space a different touch. 

Sigal's paintings are characterized by quiet minimalism and a clean look of the customers' postcards from fantasy. The paintings are based on drawings she creates and through her unique talent and mastery of drawing, printing and digital processing techniques, she breathes life into them and turns them into her own, into her fantasy world which is represented through the colors that characterize her. Sigal's unique talent allows her to connect the here and now of places and situations and give them her own interpretation. 

Sigal's paintings currently adorn the walls of art-seeking private clients who are attracted to her minimalist and modern style and want to add new and fascinating shape and color to their homes. In addition, many company owners and business managers have chosen Sigal's works to decorate the walls of their offices and give them a personal, optimistic touch and unique.

Today, Sigal works and sells her works from her gallery in Kfar Saba, which exhibits only her works. 

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